Love Song Captions for Instagram

150+ Best Love Song Captions for Instagram [Cute, Funny]

Love Song Captions for Instagram
Here is a huge collection of best Love Song Captions. If you are looking for the best Love Song Captions for Instagram then you have come to the right place. There is something magical about the lyrics of love songs that in many cases convey our emotions in a very complex way. Love songs are the best way to immortalize your love story because when it comes to expressing emotions, we shy away from using words. If you want to post your love song on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media then you need some perfect captions.

But finding the perfect Love Song Captions is not an easy task. But don’t worry. We have collected the best Love Song Captions for you over the years. Which will help a lot in expressing your emotions through words. And will help a lot to express your emotions through words. And will help a lot to make all your social posts look smarter.

So friends, choose the best Love Song Captions for Instagram from here. And post to all your social media with some perfect captions. And enjoy your beautiful life.

Love Song Captions for Instagram

  • Every day reminded how much I hate it – Linkin Park
  • “Search your feelings. You know it to be true. I’ve loved you from the start.”-Han Solo
  • I can’t stand the sandpaper thoughts that grate on my sanity – Linkin Park
  • Wishing you a day so nice and a life so sweet. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • I Would Walk 1000 Miles for you.
  • Don’t be afraid. We’ll make it out of this mess. – Taylor Swift
  • Life is never easy when you need it to be – Jennifer Lopez
  • Heeeeey cutie, you’re the cake to my icing and the butter to my roll. You complete me 😘
  • I said “hey girl” and she just turned around and smiled at me.
  • I see there’s always something wrong with me – Linkin Park
  • We found each other, we found love right where we are.
  • I’ve found it hard to love and be loved in return. This song reminds me of what I have.
  • Boy we done started something serious. – Jennifer Lopez
  • Maybe in an alternate universe, we actually are Rihanna and Drake.
  • Singing”I’m so glad we had this time, to say goodbye and specch about our lives” with bae.
  • I know it’s not a crime, but I’m in love with you.
  • Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.
  • We’re not a match, but I submit anyway. Because you’re awesome.
  • I need love For the first time in my life – Jennifer Lopez
  • Oh sweet, sweet love. 👫
  • I love you baby, don’t let nobody tell you that I don’t love you baby – Stevie Wonder
  • I love you more than there are stars in the sky, and fish in the sea. 😊

Best Love Song Captions for Instagram

  • “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; And therefore is the winged Cupid painted blind”
  • Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough. Ain’t nothing baby we can’t go through . . . . . #forever
  • The best kind of love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more – Nelson Mandela ❤
  • My night doesn’t end till you fall asleep.
  • I’m so into you right now, let’s roll out the red carpet.
  • Every day I think how we done it. – Jennifer Lopez
  • I might believe you if I didn’t know – Taylor Swift
  • Partners in crime. 🤘🏼
  • Laying in the shade, kissin’ your face. 💋 🍁
  • I’ll be your hot chocolate and you’ll be my marshmallows. ☕❤
  • I’ll come back to you in your dreams, love. Let’s take a trip to the mountains together. 😊
  • Tell me how you want it and I’ll be right there.
  • You’re my world girl. Here’s a song that reminds me of you!
  • If you love me, let me know. And if you don’t, let me go. ♫
  • Loving you is easy ’cause you’re beautiful – Minnie Riperton
  • I just wish that I didn’t feel like there was something I missed – Linkin Park
  • You’ll be missed but not forgotten. ✌🚅
  • I thought I heard them say,“everybody look, nobody’s got a clue…” (John Lennon)
  • How do you know it’s love? Look deep into the eyes of someone special and you’ll see…
  • I don’t mind stealing bread – Linkin Park
  • Ready to sing “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy.” 🎤
  • Hey girl, wanna start a revolution? 💖
  • True love always leaves room for a little crazy.
  • We’re a fantastic pair. And we’re really making it.
  • You do what hasn’t been done before – Jennifer Lopez
  • You’re my wind beneath my wings.
  • “I’d give my all for your love tonight.” –Mariah Carey
  • You can turn me on, throw me off track – Jennifer Lopez
  • I know if I’m onto you, you must be onto me – Beyoncé
  • In the arms of my love – I am home.
  • We’re here for you every step of the way.

Cute Love Song Captions for Instagram

  • “Your love was handmade for somebody like me.” –Ed Sheeran
  • What if I told you that I miss you? – Ali Gatie
  • When she asks if you want to stay in, simply say: a little bit of your heart, that’s all I’ll ever need. #meanttobe
  • ”It takes the good and the bad, to make a little bit magic, like the ones between you and I. | ♥” 😘 ☀️
  • “Of all the things my eyes have seen, the best by far is you.” –Cecilia and the Satellite
  • Hope this Valentine’s Day you get a little lovin’ from that special someone in your life (no matter who it is). 😊
  • You can’t tell me our love won’t last forever. I’ve already fall in love with you.
  • “I just called to say I love you” –Stevie Wonder
  • Do I love? Yes. Am I loved? Yes. Nothin’ beats bein’ in love. ❤
  • I’ve been thinking about you, baby.
  • I can see the stars reflecting in your eyes, 🌟
  • I get filthy when that liquor get into me – Beyoncé
  • Catch me in the corner, head on the shoulder. Kiss me in the pouring rain and let’s pretend we’re alone (Coldplay)
  • Sending you a kiss 💋 And a bunch of other flirty things, like butterflies 🦋 . . . . . . . . . . ❤️
  • “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.” –Coldplay
  • Don’t leave my heart a broken glass baby – Stevie Wonder
  • I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me – Beyoncé
  • I need you, my baby now.
  • This is where my story begins – Jennifer Lopez
  • Loving the backseat vibe with babe. 🚗🗣
  • My vision is impaired, My heart is under repair – Jennifer Lopez
  • Our relationship started online, now it’s forever. I love you, baby.
  • You and me, we got each other’s backs.
  • I love you, and that’s all I really know. – Taylor Swift
  • You’re the best kind of trouble.

Perfect Love Song Captions for Instagram

  • Now I don’t feel a thing, I feel ok – Jennifer Lopez
  • Most of all, my truest love will always be for you.
  • You’re the only one I see. You’re the only reason why, you’re my everything
  • I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day, when it’s dark outside I’ve got angel eyes they show me the way and I see them allyou, my darling. 🎶 💛 🤗
  • Two is always better than one. Be mine. ❤️
  • I’m head over heels for you and your smile.
  • Some of the best part about being in a relationship is when you realize your favorite music just got better 💖
  • You’re the peanut to my butter, the juice to my smoothie, the spark to my flame. ❤️
  • This song reminds me of your arms when you’re holding me close.
  • You know I’d give my heart and I’ll protect you – Migz Haleco
  • You can live if you’re willing to – Linkin Park
  • “I wanna shout it from the rooftops.” –Little Mix
  • I want to wake up in the morning I want to feel good inside shout and whisper things you can’t explain.
  • A couple of months ago I was walking around aimlessly, but now I’m with the one who makes me feel at home.
  • I want you to be mine – Jennifer Lopez
  • I’m so in love that I acted insane. – Taylor Swift
  • Fall for me all over again. 🎶☀
  • Life is better when we’re together 👪😉
  • “You got my heart. Don’t know how you did it.” –Ariana Grande
  • Life is too short, love like you’ve never been hurt.
  • You are my best friend, the one who makes life worth living. I can’t imagine a world without you in it.
  • 🎼The sweetest thing is holding on to what we got. 🎶 💕
  • “I can’t help falling in love with you.” –Elvis Presley
  • Hello, it’s me. I’ve missed you.
  • You’re so in love that you act insane – Taylor Swift
  • I think the reason I keep coming back is because you know just what to say. I’d like to say that I could do without you, but honestly I wouldn’t be here without you.
  • When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. ~ When Harry Met Sally

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Amazing Love Song Captions for Instagram

  • Nothing like the feeling of a song… when the words just right.. and you smile inside and out.
  • “Easier said than done But I know that for sure It’s what you wanna hear again And again and again It’s easier said than done That we won’t fall in love… but we always do”
  • I wake up in the morning and I look across the room and there you are. ↘️
  • Baby it’s cold outside… Let’s stay in, snuggle up and watch some Netflix.
  • Let me tell you how it’s gonna go – Jennifer Lopez
  • You so fine, you blew my mind…
  • Can’t you see I want you to be mine? – Jennifer Lopez
  • Baby, be mine
  • I am thinking about you, I can’t wait to see you. All I want is to look in your eyes’ and stare into the infinity
  • We’re a dream come true.
  • I love you even more than who I thought you were before – Beyoncé
  • “I want to hold your hand.” –The Beatles
  • Life is full of changes and a door always left ajar—but no matter where you go, there’ll always be a place in my heart for you.
  • You are the red to my orange. You are the peanut butter to my jelly. Remember that in life, some things just go together 💗 – Nora Ephron
  • Do it big, do it all for a good girl – Beyoncé
  • When you’re miles and miles away, my smile will guide you home.
  • All you need is love. All you need is love. All you need is loooooove.
  • Hello Sunshine! What a beautiful day to love the one you’re with (and yes, that includes coffee ☕️)
  • And I never knew I could feel that much – Taylor Swift
  • The world shines when your eyes light up
  • It’s impossible to be near you and not smile. 😊
  • “All I know since yesterday is everything has changed.” –Taylor Swift

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Love Song Instagram Captions

  • You and me, we’ve got a thing that’s called love like David Bowie. 🎤
  • “Heaven help a fool who falls in love.” –The Lumineers
  • Freedom can be frightening if you’ve never felt it – Linkin Park
  • “Don’t you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine.” — Prince
  • Everyone’s a moon, and has a dark side
  • And I’ll always love you 💋
  • The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.
  • I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day because of you, my love. 🌞 🍁 🍃
  • I want you to be mine, there’s nothing standing in our way! 🙂
  • Sharing the groove, like we always do. 😎
  • I really really really really really really really really really really truly truly truly truly truly love you.
  • No I’m not an angel either, but at least I’m trying – Beyoncé
  • I made the problems in the first place – Linkin Park
  • Nobody wants to say goodbye, even when hello is around the corner. ➕➕
  • Walking hand in hand with you is right where I belong, my love. 💕 #mybetterhalf and I.
  • You’re the one that I love, you’re the only one I see. You’re the one that I thrill. And so it’s true, all of those things they say about you, they’re true. 💕
  • You want to run away with me, and I want to run away with you . . . #selfie
  • Your love is my drug, your heart is my muse, I don’t want to crash, I just want to fly with you.
  • I just want to be next to you. 🖤
  • Friends, family and special little lights—there’s nothing like them. Celebrate the people who’ve made the sweetest marks in your life. Happy #NationalFriendsDay!
  • “Don’t you worry there, my honey. We might not have any money, but we’ve got our love to pay the bills.” –Ingrid Michaelson
  • Everything is going to be alright.

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